June 2 - July 14.


Alexander Coggin, the person pretending that someone else is writing this, is an American Photographer living freshly in London after spending the past 5 years in Berlin. Being self-taught in Photography and formally trained in Theatre, I have a hard time speaking about what exactly I'm looking for when I leave the house with my camera. I seek tirelessly and tire those around me, and If I'm lucky I'll have a good shot at the end of the day. My best shots were done when I happened to have my camera with me -- which isn't a coincidence -- but most of my images were not expected nor guaranteed. I'm a somewhat photojournalist, though I'd do terribly in actual strife-stricken situations. I'm constantly looking for other forms of peculiarity, subtext, emotion and harsh-ness. I'm not interested in documenting as-it-is, I'm much more preoccupied with how my flash adds a layer of mediation and helps shape my visual-opinion. My theatre training has given me a near-constant view of casting. What do we represent? What's the broader 'read' on us? What could this look like after I get my flash on it? How can I support the narrative, and is there more to imply?