Our Story.

Founder and Head Curator: Connar Masotti

4501 is a gallery created by an artist for artists. As a current graduate student at Sotheby's Institute of Art, Connar Masotti discovered that there were very few galleries dedicated solely to photography. This lack of specificity led him to create 4501 Gallery, an online and concrete space exclusively for photographers. As a student of art history, Connar understands the importance of photography within its historical context and its assistance in all artistic creation. In our current social media driven world where everyone with a smartphone believes them self a photographer, 4501 differentiates itself. 4501 Gallery understands the difference between an Instagram post and a work of art, weeding through the selfies to find truly beautiful and intellectually challenging work from young, talented photographers. Founder and Head Curator Connar Masotti:

The Curator (Connar Masotti), Callum Hutchinson, 2016